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We believe the spirit of sport embodies the best of human nature.  The exhilarating highs of individual brilliance and collective triumph are the culmination of many hours of personal effort – driven by passion and dedication, and fuelled by competition, inclusion and camaraderie.  We believe that these qualities are captured nowhere better than in the sport of rugby union.  More than any code, the 15-man game offers opportunities for athletes of every physique and temperament – and has a proud history of courtesy and respect both on and off the field.  Outside of the 80 minutes, they are all brothers – and sisters – and hold each other in high regard.  Even the punch-ups are quickly forgotten.  Opponents on the pitch and often lifelong friends off it, many players find ways to remain connected and give back to the game for the rest of their lives.

In Studio 15, Train Camp has created and curated clothing and kit for sportspeople and sports fans.  Fashion and accessories from France inspired by the incomparable Serge Blanco, casualwear for downtime and visiting the gym, and technical kit for training.